• Preserving Precious Breast Milk

    Preserving Precious Breast Milk

    Any woman who’s pumped will tell you, breast milk is more precious than gold. It’s a time-consuming process. I was always careful to collect every single drop of that “liquid gold,” pour it into bags, and freeze it for safekeeping.
  • Tips for Traveling with Baby

    Tips for Traveling with Baby

    Traveling with a baby and afraid you’re not prepared? You’re not alone. Many parents find their first trip with a new baby stressful, but with some planning, it doesn't have to be. Adventure travel blogger Lesley Carter shares her tips and insights below. Ensure You Have Correct Documentation Required documentation may include: Passport Birth certificate Copies of birth certificate Notes from the child’s non-present...
  • 4 Baby Registry Mistakes to Avoid

    4 Baby Registry Mistakes to Avoid

    If you’re a first-time parent, it’s almost a given that you’ll make some baby registry mistakes or stumble into some common baby stuff shopping pitfalls. In this post, we aim to help you steer clear of four of the common missteps when building your baby registry. Since 2015, Gugu Guru has helped thousands of families with registering. By learning about big baby registry mistakes...
  • Unconfusing Nipple Confusion

    Unconfusing Nipple Confusion

    Breastfeeding is not always beautiful, fun, and easy. As a matter of fact, sometimes it can be downright ugly and hard. There’s one important thing to remember: You are not alone.One of the frustrations that breastfeeding mothers encounter is method of feeding. In the beginning, there’s such a sense of accomplishment putting baby to breast and no longer feeling the pain and dread that...
  • Can a Mother’s Diet Change the Nutritional Quality of Breast Milk?

    Can a Mother’s Diet Change the Nutritional Quality of Breast Milk?

    This can be a sensitive discussion due given the fact that the pressure to eat right may sometimes cause mothers to give up breastfeeding sooner. While I empathize with that reasoning, I also believe that mothers should be aware of which nutrients can get passed on to the baby through their breast milk, and how they can easily add those to their diet. Before...
  • What Is Placenta Encapsulation?

    What Is Placenta Encapsulation?

    When people hear the term Placenta Encapsulation, a grossed out reaction often follows. Ewww! You wanna eat your placenta? I feel like when people hear about placenta encapsulation, they envision just cutting into your placenta and eating it (which….I mean, some people do). The process of encapsulation and consumption is actually pretty cool. Many of my students tell me that the process is much...
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