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Meet Aura: the smart baby monitor and parent assistant that helps you look after your little one. Bundle in the optional Floor Stand for an additional $30 (a $39 discount over MSRP).

  • Non-Wearable Breathing Motion Monitoring: Like a sleep-time sidekick, AI vision technology provides breathing motion detection without the need for wearables or sensors on your little one.
  • Waking & Sleeping Notifications: Instead of wondering if your baby is going to stay down or if you can catch them before getting fussy, Aura will let you know.
  • Remote Soothing at Your Fingertips: A calm and soothing environment is essential for babies' development and sleep. Aura takes tranquility to the next level with a built-in sound machine and in-app playlist filled with masterfully engineered sounds proven to comfort even the toughest sleepers. You can also soothe your baby remotely with two-way talk, because there’s nothing like a familiar voice.
  • 360° View: Remotely pan and tilt Aura's 1080p HD camera around the room to view beyond the crib and stay completely connected, no matter where you are.
  • Crystal Clear Streaming Around the Clock: See if your baby's eyes are open in the middle of the night, witness every adorable smile, or catch a cute yawn with remarkable HD clarity even in the dark.
  • Log Baby's Day with an In-App Diary: From the morning bottle to the most recent diaper change, keeping tabs on everything throughout the day can be overwhelming. Aura's in-app daily log means no more additional apps on your phone. Easily input your baby's important activity data into your Aura app and share trends with pediatricians or caregivers.
  • Grows with Your Baby: Aura's innovative features can be used from the newborn stage to toddlerhood and beyond.
  • Optional Floor Stand: Aura's available Floor Stand provides the flexibility to move the device around your baby's nursery to fit with the layout or furniture configuration, change rooms, or take it on the go. From cribs and bassinets to toddler beds and playrooms – get a full view of any room.
  • HSA/FSA Eligible: Just select "Pay with HSA/FSA" at checkout.

Aura requires the use of the Nanobébé app on your phone (available on Apple devices via the iOS App Store and Android devices via the Google Play Store) for monitoring, alerts, and managing settings.

The features that make Aura special, including breath motion detection, live AI monitoring and alerts, two-way talk, and the built-in sound machine, are all included and available free to users as part of the app, without the need for a paid subscription.

What's in the box:

  • Aura Smart Baby Monitor & Parent Assistant
  • Wall-Mount Kit (includes cord cover)
  • Power Cord
  • Set-Up and Instruction Manual (includes link to download app)

Also available with Floor Stand as a bundle. Floor Stand also available sold separately.

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